Creating a Points Program


Note: See Administrative Setup Guide for more detailed instructions


Get There -- Setup > Choose Log Types

  • For which logging actions do you want a person to be able to earn points? For all those log types that you want to be active, click the empty checkbox next to the type to activate.


Get There -- Setup > Manage Points System > Points Actions

  • Actions to Set Activity Points--
    • Select the “edit” icon for Activities.
    • Update the number of points a person should earn upon completion of an activity.
  • Actions to Set Logging Points--
    • Choose the active log type for which you want to reward points.
    • Select the “edit” icon for this log type.
    • Determine the Goal for this log type. 
    • Determine the Points for having achieved the goal. 
    • Repeat for all log types for which you want to reward points.


Get There -- Setup > Manage Programs > Create a Program

Actions --

  • Click on the “Create a Program” button
  • Select the ways in which you want to award badges and/or prizes for your program. Be sure to select “Points” as your preferred type!
  • Enter basic information and imagery about your program
  • Staff Only or For Patrons/Customers: Is this program intended to be only for those with staff level access? If so, select “yes,” only for staff members. This is a setting you may change later.

Set Up Program Level Badges:

  • Registration Badge and Prize: Do you want to include a registration badge? This is recommended for all programs. If so, select “Add a Badge.” From there, click on the badge you want to “pop up” upon registration for a reader. Once you select the badge, the ability to add a prize will also become available. You may select an existing reward on your site or create a new reward.
  • Set up Rewards: Once you add a reward, it will be available to use for other programs as well. Keep in mind that the “Instructions for recipients” will appear with a badge when it is earned, will remain on the reader’s dashboard, and will also go to their email as a notification. For example, you may want to indicate a “pick up by” date for a prize in the instructions.
  • Completion Badge and Reward: Is there a reward available for having completed the whole program? If so, add the badge and reward here.
  • Points Badges: If you want to re-use existing points badges and their associated prizes, you may do that by selecting Add Badges.  If you want to create a new points badge, you will select Create a Points Badge.
    • Click on the image that you want to use. 
    • Select “Goal” and enter in the appropriate number. How many points does someone have to earn all together in order to earn this badge?
    • Repeat until you have added all points badges that you want for a program.
  • Activity Badges (aka Learning Tracks): To include activities as a part of your program, select “Create an Activity Badge.” Activities in Beanstack are managed through what we call learning tracks. You may set up one or a series of activities in a “track,” and then require that all or a subset of them be complete.  
  • Enter a title and a short description. 
    • Select the badge that will be earned when this learning track is complete.
    • Select the parameters for this activity badge/learning track. 
    • Optional: Add a reward for completing this track.
    • Once the “shell” of the track is saved, you may add activities.
        • Description: What is the activity/action required? For example, “Attend an event at the library.”
        • Link title will be the text that is hyperlinked should you want to include a link.
        • Link URL is the link to which you may send someone for further information
        • Add individual activities.
  • Set Completion Requirements: Determine how many and/or which badges are required to complete a program. 


  • Draft -- Save as a draft if you do not want this program to be visible to any patrons or staff members.
  • Published -- Once you save a program in a “published” state, it is live on your site. Even if the start date for the program is in the future, if the program is published, it would then be available for pre-registration.




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