How to Create a Points Program

Make sure you are logged in as a library administrator to your site. In order to run a points program, you must have points activated on your site. Make sure you have requested this by submitting a ticket or talking with your client success manager.

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To Get Started

  1. Go to Setup > Log Types. For which logging actions do you want a person to be able to earn points? For all those log types that you want to be active, turn the red x to a green check.
  2. Go to Setup > Manage Points System. Edit active log types. Select the goal (i.e. 30 minutes) and the points (i.e. 5 points) for all active log types. For activities, set "standard, big, super" points. These are the number of points someone will earn for completing an activity/reading with your program.
  3. Go to Setup > Manage Programs > Prizes. Set up prizes with names and instructions. Remember to include any instructions with prizes that you want patrons to receive via email. For example, if prizes are available "while supplies last," or for a particular period of time, make a note of that. Go back to Manage Programs.
  4. Select Learning Tracks. Select Create a Learning Track. Create your learning tracks, choosing whether you want to make activities repeatable or only available to be completed one time. Remember to choose age and grade level for all learning tracks. Turn all learning tracks to show with a green check. Go back to Manage Programs.
  5. Select Points Badges. Set up badges with review milestones. Start by selecting Add a Badge and clicking on the badge image you want to use. Select the number of points required in order to achieve a badge. If a badge is only achievable within a period of time within your program, select start and end counting dates. If not, you may leave those blank, as badges default to the dates of your program. Click Save. Add any additional review badges you want to include. Go Back to Manage Programs.
  6. Select Programs. Select Add a Program. Include the name of the program, relevant ages or grade levels. Then, click all of the badges that should be associated with the program. If you have repeatable activities, do not include learning track badges. If you do not have repeatable activities, including learning track badges is optional. In any case, the activities are available to complete! You will know a badge has been selected because there is now a green check on top of the badge.
  7. If you choose Save As a Draft, the program will only be visible to other library administrators. If you choose Save, then it will appear to patrons eligible for the program. If you choose Save and mark a program as "Staff Only," then the program will be visible only to staff members. If a program has not yet started, patrons will be able to pre-register for the program, but any logged reading or activities will not count toward the program until it begins. 
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