Update a Reader's Information


To Get Started

Click on People > Find a Person. Type in the name or login info. and click Search

Update a Reader's Information


  • Click any of the icons next to the Reader's name to edit specific information (i.e. Edit Reader or Add to the Log). Save. 


  • Click on the Reader's name to go to their profile. 
  • Click any of the buttons on the bar under the Reader's name (i.e. Add to Log, Edit Information, Add Notes.) Save

Inside the Reader profile, you can easily:

  • Log Reading: View and edit their reading log by clicking the pencil icon. Delete a book by clicking the bucket icon. 
  • Redeem Earned Incentives: Click the empty checkmark box to redeem. 
  • Add Books & Apps to their wishlist
  • Change notification settings to determine whether they receive weekly emails.
  • Transfer a Reader -- This allows you to transfer a reader to another account by entering either the email address or phone number of the person you're transferring to. 
  • Update Recommendation Filters: These help a reader customize their preferences for their weekly recommendations, such as changing their preferred genres or interests. 

You will always see a hyperlink to a reader’s account creator above the reader’s name. All readers assigned to an account creator can be found on the account creator’s page.

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