How to Use a Program Template


Program templates are ready-to-go programs that you can use and customize on your Beanstack site. They're super easy to use and can save lots of time! 

Get There -- Setup > Manage Programs

Actions --

  • Click on the tab for “Program Templates”
  • Select “Use This Template”
  • Change the name of the program to your preferred name. Continue to follow the program setup instructions.
    • The entire program is already set up for you. You may choose to edit badges, update prizes, change ages, or anything else available within program setup. On the other hand, you could simply select “Save” in the upper right hand corner and save the template for use on your site as-is.
  • Once a template has been published, it is now available as a program on your site. Follow instructions for program setup to make further changes.

Note that the template remains on your site for you to use anytime in the future.


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