Patron View: Registering a Group

Here's how you can easily register a class or group!

On the Beanstack homepage, you’ll see two options to register below.

  • Select to register the group "all at one time" or "individually." 
All at One Time: Reading & activities will be logged for the group all at once, and everyone will earn badges and incentives at the same time. 
Individually: Reading will be logged for each reader individually, and they'll earn badges and incentives at different times. 
  • Next, you’ll enter the basic information for your group (name, age, grade, etc).
  • Enter your own information here as an account creator. This will be used to log in and access the account. 
  • Select "Register Group."
Next you’ll be taken directly to the group dashboard.
If you wish to log for readers individually rather than as a whole group, you can always click “Add a Reader” here and add an individual reader. 
Be sure to check out our other patron view tutorials for logging books, minutes, and activities if you need additional guidance for navigating the site.
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