Help a Patron Log Reading

You can easily help a patron log their reading using the admin tool! 


To Get Started

  1. Click on People > Find a Person.
  2. To find a specific person, type in their name or login information and select Search
  3. Once you've found the reader you're searching for, click Log Reading next to their name OR click on the reader's name and select Log Reading at the top of the page. 
  4. Type in the title of the book.
  5. Select how the patron is recording their reading.
  6. Enter the quantity and select log. 

You can always edit the quantity, or delete the book if necessary. 

If a book is in our system, the title will auto-populate. Readers can also log content outside of our system, whether it's a book or some other form of content such as a newspaper or magazine article. 

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