Creating a Book List

Reading lists are a great way to recommend several books all at once! They can be based on a specific topic, theme, age group, or grade level. You can create a book list directly on Beanstack, OR you can link to an existing list on a separate site. 


Get There -- Content > Book Lists

  1. Select “Create a Book List”
  2. Type in a title and short description of the list. 
  3. If you're linking to a book list on another site, select "This reading list will exist on another site." Then, simply enter the URL of the list you want to share. Otherwise, continue below. 
  4. Select all relevant grade levels (hold down ctrl/command key to select multiple)
  5. Select any relevant genres (hold down ctrl/command key to select multiple)
  6. Optional: enter in relevant keywords
  7. Assign authorship by selecting a team member's name. Note: Names will only display if you have set up profiles on your Our Team page.
  8. Select “Create.”

If you're creating the book list directly on Beanstack, you'll then:

  1. Select “Add a Book to this List."
  2. Enter the Title & Author.*
  3. Continue adding as many books as you'd like! 
  4. Display the list on your site by going to the tab "Created by Us"
  5. Click the empty checkbox next to the list title to display the list. 

Now this list will display on readers’ “recommendations” tab within their dashboard.

 All of these books should automatically link directly to your library’s catalog without additional work on your part. Keep in mind it does take some time for any missing book covers to be added centrally.

Remember to be very careful when entering title and author so that they appear as they do within your library catalog. Do not add a series like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series.” Rather, add specific books and their authors. It is okay if a book does not auto-populate. Add it anyway! 

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