Creating a Learning Track

Learning tracks are a series of activities, oftentimes based on a certain theme or specific program. You can easily set up a learning track to align with programs running at your library. You can also choose to display them or hide the tracks as needed.



To Get Started

Select Content > Learning Tracks

Here, you can view the tracks showing on your site, the tracks you’ve created, and Zoobean recommended tracks. You can also see whether or not it’s showing on your site, which you can easily change by clicking the checkmark box next to the track. 



 Add/Remove Activities




  1. Select Create a Learning Track
  2. Type in the title and a short description.
  3. Optional: Choose the number of activities the reader must complete to finish the track. Leave it blank if you want every activity to be required for completion.
  4. Select a badge to be earned upon completion.
  5. Optional: Add a reward or certificate.
  6. Select suggested age(s) and grade level(s).
  7. Should someone complete a specific learning track before being able to complete this one? If so, select a prerequisite learning track. If not, leave that field blank. 
  8. Click Create

 Now, you can begin adding activities. You can add book recommendations, craft projects, local events, and multimedia resources! 


  1. Select Add an Activity
  2. Add the title, link URL and link title (if applicable.)
  3. You may add a secret code to an activity that a reader must discover and enter in order to complete the activity. You may also add a text box challenge to an activity that requires the reader to add written text to an activity before it may be checked off as completed. 

You can always add or remove activities, and you an easily drag and drop the activities to change their order.


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