Adding school, partners, teachers, and custom questions

You can easily add options for schools, partners, teachers, & custom questions using the admin tool. This can be helpful if you’re looking to collect information on how a user found out about your Beanstack site, or if you’re interested in what schools participating readers are attending.

Remember, if you want to slice your data according to any of these fields, you will want to make them required.


To Get Started

  1. Click on Set Up > Registration Fields
  2. Click on the registration field you wish to add.  
  3. Select Add a ________.
  4. Enter the name of the school, teacher, partner or organization. 
  5. Click Add

You can add as many schools, teachers, or partners as necessary. 

Actions for Custom Question --

  • Select “Custom Questions”
  • Select “Add a Registration Question”
  • Select “Yes” to activate your question
  • Choose “Yes” or “No” for whether an answer to the question is required
  • Type the question

Add answers. Note: Answers may only be in multiple choice format.

All of this data will be available to view in the reports section of your site. Come back to your homepage and select Reports. To view your school registration statistics, select Schools. You can filter this data by specific dates and/or download it as a CSV or Excel file. 


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