Setting Up a Drawing or Raffle


To Get Started

Click on Set Up > Manage Drawings. Here you can view all of the drawings set up on your site and edit hem as needed by clicking either the pencil icon or the bucket to delete a drawing. 

Select Create a Drawing.

Enter the Following Information

  1. Name of drawing and short description (if necessary.)
  2. Select appropriate branch, or choose All Branches
  3. Raffle Type: Indicates how the reader will qualify for the raffle (i.e. # of books read)
  4. Age Group: Select a specific age group or leave it open to all ages. 
  5. Winner Type: Choose whether the winners are equal, or if there are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners. 
  6. Number of Winners
  7. Weighted Raffle: Will each badge or unit read give the reader an additional entry
  8. Start and End Date
  9. Select appropriate Program(s) & the Goal the reader must achieve in order to qualify 

Select Create.

When you're ready to run your drawing, click on the drawing you created. To run the drawing, just click Determine Winner and the winner(s) will display on the page. You can also re-run or edit the drawing if necessary. 


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    Allison Fredrickson

    When you choose to have the drawing weighted, will you actually see a patron's name listed multiple times to know how many times they are being entered?

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