Adding an Account Creator and Reader


To Get Started

  1. Click on People > Add an Account Creator and Reader
  2. Enter their name and basic login information. 
  3. The Account Creator's password will automatically be set to "beanstack" after creating their account. Remind users to log in and change their password after their account is created.
  4. Select their preferred branch & enter library card number (if applicable.) 
  5. Update their role (for library staff only.)
  6. Select to attach a reader profile for either that person OR attach a profile for another person. If you select "yes" to add another person, enter the reader's name and age. 
  7. Select Add. 

Once you set up the initial account and profile, you can add another reader if necessary. You can also add multiple readers to the account, should an account represent a larger group of readers such as a class of students. 

If you need to look up an account or reader, go to People > Find a Person, and you can search by their name or any information they included while registering. 

After adding readers, you always have the option to edit their name and age (or add more readers) if necessary. 

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