Updating Account Creator Information

The Account Creator is whoever initially signed up and created a Beanstack account. 


To Get Started

Click on People > Find a Person. Type in the name or login info. and click Search

Update Account Creator Information


  • Click Edit next to the Account Creator's name. 
  • Make any changes necessary (i.e. email address, branch.)
  • Save.


Click on the account creator's name. Here you can update individual readers on the account, or the account overall.

Log Reading: You can log reader for all readers on the account, or you can choose which reader you'd like to log for.

Add a Reader: Click on Add a Reader to add another person to the account, or click on Add Multiple Readers to add many.

Edit Basic Information: Under Account Info on the left side, click Edit. Now you can update their login information if necessary, such as adding a phone number or library card number. You can also change the role of the account holder, should a staff member sign up and need administrative access.

Update Password: If a patron forgets their password, you can enter a temporary password here and they can reset it later. 


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