Updating Account and Reader Information

The Account Creator is whoever initially signed up and created a Beanstack account. The Reader is the person participating in your program. Accounts can have multiple readers attached. The account creator and reader could also be the same person, for example if an adult or teen signs up to participate in a program. Updating information for either is simple using the admin tool! 


To Get Started

Click on People > Find a Person. Type in the name or login info. and click Search

Editing Account Creator Information

Click on the account creator's name. Here you can update individual readers on the account, or the account overall. 

  • Log Reading: You can log reader for all readers on the account, or you can choose which reader you'd like to log for. 
  • Add a Reader: Click on Add a Reader to add another person to the account, or click on Add Multiple Readers to add many. 
  • Edit Basic Information: Under Account Info on the left side, click Edit. Now you can update their login information if necessary, such as adding a phone number or library card number. You can also change the role of the account holder, should a staff member sign up and need administrative access. 
  • Update Password: If a patron forgets their password, you can enter a temporary password here and they can reset it later. 

Editing Reader Information

Click on the reader's name to go into their profile. Inside the reader profile, you can easily:

  • Log Reading: View and edit their reading log by clicking the pencil icon. Delete a book by clicking the bucket icon. 
  • Redeem Earned Incentives: Click the empty checkmark box to redeem. 
  • Add Books & Apps to their wishlist
  • Change notification settings to determine whether they receive weekly emails.
  • Transfer a Reader -- This allows you to transfer a reader to another account by entering either the email address or phone number of the person you're transferring to. 
  • Update Recommendation Filters: These help a reader customize their preferences for their weekly recommendations, such as changing their preferred genres or interests. 
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