Adding a Reading Badge


To Get Started

Select Set Up > Manage Programs > Badges. 

Here you can view any badges set up on your site as well as edit them as necessary. If you want to add custom badges to your site, please submit a ticket here on the Helpdesk site with the images you would like turned into badges. 

  1. Select Add a New Badge
  2. Click on the badge you want from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Choose the log type. This is how the reader earns the badge. If you do not see the log type you want, you will want to go to Setup > Choose Log Types
  4. Choose the Goal. This is what the reader must achieve and log in order to earn the badge. If you want to set up a badge for registration, then select "0" as the goal. Also note that reading badges are cumulative. You would create a badge for 60 minutes, and then 120 minutes, not two badges for 60 minutes. The same is true for other types (1 book, 5 books, and so on). 
  5. Do you want a reward to be associated with earning this badge? If so, add a reward. If you don't see the reward you want listed, go to Setup > Manage Programs > Prizes to add one. 
  6. If you only want this badge to be earn-able during a specific period of time within a program, then add dates to the badge. If someone should be able to earn this badge anytime during your program, then leave this blank, as the badge will default to the dates for your program. 
  7. Click Add. 

All set! 

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