How to Create a Program


To create a new program, you will need to be signed in as a library administrator. 

To Get Started

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Programs 
  2. Select Prizes. Start by setting up prizes and certificates. Remember to include any instructions with prizes that you want patrons to receive via email. For example, if prizes are available "while supplies last," or for a particular period of time, make a note of that. Go back to Manage Programs.
  3. Select Badges. Set up badges with reading or learning milestones. Remember that a "sign-up" badge is the equivalent of "0" minutes/books/days of reading. Start by selecting Add a Badge. You will want to set up badges according to the logging type your library uses. Examples include minutes, books, learning moments. While setting up badges, you will also attach any prizes that should be earned in conjunction with a badge. Go back to Manage Programs. Remember that badges for Learning Tracks are also included in programs. You will not find these on the Badges page. Rather, these badges are assigned to learning tracks when you create them, as are any prizes associated with them.
  4. Select Programs. Select Add a Program. Include the name of the program, relevant ages. Then, click all of the badges that should be associated with the program, both reading and learning track badges. You will know a badge has been selected because there is now a green check on top of the badge.
  5. Determine how many badges are required to complete a program. Which badges must someone earn in order to complete the program, versus which are going the extra mile? If someone must complete all badges, then you are done! Just select create. If someone must complete a certain number, then note that number and (if applicable) click on any required badges that are listed below. Then, select create.

A prize should only be earned one time unless you intend that to be otherwise. This means, you would attach a prize either to a badge or to a program completion. Not both!

You did it! Now, go to the patron view and make sure the program is set up as you want it to be.

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