How to Add Events

To Get Started

Select Set Up > Recommend Events > Events (ignore Age Groups!)

  • To load multiple events at once, you will need a CSV. Alternatively, you may add events individually. The only required fields are "Title" and "Start Time." 

How to set up your CSV file:

  1. Start by opening up either Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Create a new document with these fields (columns). They need to be in this order, and you should only have these fields. Fields may remain blank, but you should still maintain the column. Valid headers are "title", "date", "start_time", "end_time", "library_branch", "min_age", "max_age", "info_url" and "description", "grade level".
  3. Add information in these fields. Even if you do not plan to use a field, leave the header with blank cells. 
  4. Export the Excel document to CSV. Go back to Setup > Manage Events > Events and then select Import CSV with your new document. 
When creating your CSV, remember...
  • Start and end time format looks like 11:30 AM not 11:30AM
  • Make sure to edit your date format to be YYYY-MM-DD in Excel, and then export
  • Do not include bold or underlined fonts
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    Amy Scott

    Grade level isn't included as a field when hand-entering, should we really include in in .csv? Also, for adults, can we use 19+ age a maximum age?

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