Adding and Updating Librarian Accounts with Admin Access


To Add a New Staff Account

  1. Click on People > Add an Account Creator and Reader
  2. Enter a generic name for the branch, or an individual's name if this is an individual account. 
  3. For general staff logins, we recommend choosing a standard login like "EastBranch, WestBranch." Multiple people may be logged into a staff account at one time. Passwords will automatically be set to "beanstack" and may be updated later. 
  4. Update the role to be "Library Staff," "Branch Admin," or "Library Administrator," as needed.
  5. Select  to attach a reader profile for that person or generic account, and note the age as any adult age. 
  6. Select "no" for the following question. 
  7. Do *not* enroll this person in any programs.
  8. Select Add. 
  9. Now when you provide the login details to a staff member, s/he will have no trouble logging into Beanstack and viewing the appropriate administrative tools. 

To Update an Existing Librarian Account

  1. Click on People > Find a Person and search for the account you need to update. 
  2. Click "Edit" next to the Account Creator's name. 
  3. Update the field for "Role" to be the role you want that person to have.
  4. Select "Save"
  5. Once you have done this, the person need only refresh his/her page and will have a new level of access assigned to them.
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