Adding Announcements to Patron Emails

The manage announcements feature allows you to send an announcement to all Beanstack patrons via their weekly or bi-weekly emails. Announcements are embedded within emails that go out to patrons with their book and event recommendations.


To Get Started

  • Login and go to your admin tools.
  • Select Setup > Manage Announcements. 

Here you will see all present and past announcements on your site. 

  • Select Create an Announcement. 
  • Enter the following information: 
    • Title: This is the header text 
    • Start Date: This is the date on which an announcement will start being included in patron emails.
    • End Date: This is the date on which an announcement will stop being included in patron emails.
    • Branch:If you only want a message to go out to patrons at a particular branch, select branch. Keep in mind that if you do *not* require branch as a registration field, people who did not select a branch would not receive messages intended for a particular branch.
    • Description: This is the text that will go below the bolded header (title) text.
    • Announcement link: If you want to link to additional information, you may add a link here.
    • Announcement link text: There will be a button that links to the link you add. What do you 
  • Click Create
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