How to Edit a Learning Track


While setting up a program, you have the option to create Activity Tracks for participants to complete to earn Badges and Points. If you’ve created one of those tracks and need to go back in and edit the track after you’ve created the program, this is how you’ll do it!

Get There: Content > Learning Tracks.

Find the track you need and click the edit icon.

Here you can edit:

  • Title & description
  • Activate or deactivate the LT badge. Note: choosing No may prevent someone from completing a program if an activity badge is required for completion.
  • Who can access the track (staff or all patrons.)
  • Whether activities can be completed only once, or if they’re repeatable.
  • Number of activities needed to complete track. If all are completed, leave blank.
  • The badge patrons earn for completing the track.
  • Age/Grade levels
  • Prerequisite

Click Save.

Next, you can edit the ACTIVITIES listed on the track, or Add Activities.

  • Add/edit the description
  • Add/edit link titles and URL.
  • Edit Activity Type.
  • Edit Point Values (if applicable.)

You can always edit or delete activities as needed or simply drag and drop activities to change their order.

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