How to Update your Landing Page (Legacy)


Get There -- Setup > Landing Page > Landing Page Type

  1. Select "Legacy" as the type.
  2. Return to Setup > Landing Page and click Landing Page Content
  3. As needed, edit the title, program dates, header, & sub-header. 
  4. Select "Yes" for all of the age categories you wish to display for registration. 
  5. As needed, edit the title and sub-title of those categories. 
  6. Click "Choose File" to upload new age category banner images as needed. 
  7. Update "How It Works" section if new guidelines apply for your patrons.*
  8. Enter Header for program sponsors, if applicable. Otherwise leave text as is. (Sponsor section will only display if you have added sponsor images in Setup.)
  9. Click Save

Remember, you can add more in-depth descriptions when you edit your actual programs. Keep these short & sweet. 

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