Make a Program Available for Pre-Registration


Get There: Setup > Manage Programs

  1. Click Edit icon next to the program.
  2. Under "When does it start?" select the date on which patrons can begin to register. 
  3. Click Next
  4. Under "Badge Time Restrictions" select "I want to use badges that must be earned in a specific time frame within my program."
  5. Scroll down to edit the actual badges. 
  6. If you have a registration badge, leave it as is so patrons will still receive it upon pre-registering. 
  7. Edit each logging and/or activity badge. Click on the badge, & scroll down to "Time Restrictions." 
  8. Select the start & end dates during which the badge may be earned (the ACTUAL dates of your program not the pre-registration time period.) 
  9. Click Save, and repeat with all remaining badges. This way, someone can pre-register, but if they log anything it will NOT count towards their program completion. 
  10. Make sure the program is saved as Published

You can also do this when you initially create your program and set up your badges. 

Next, update landing page to reflect this information. 

Get There: Setup > Landing Page > Landing Page Content

  • Leave dates as is, so patrons know the actual dates of the program. 
  • Update the subheader, for example, to let patrons know that they can pre-register today. Click Save
  • After pre-registration is over you can just as easily update this text again. 
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