Create a Points Program Using Repeatable Activities


To set up repeatable activities for patrons to complete, you'll first create a points program. Be sure to contact our support team so that we can set up your site to allow for this. We'll activate a setting so that your learning tracks are not attached to programs, but rather exist at the account creator level. If you can't reach us right away, you can still get started with the rest of the process!

Get Started: Points Program

  • Go to Setup > Manage Points System
  • Click the pencil icon next to "Activities." Update point values as needed & save. Points must increase in value (Standard, Big, Super.)
  • Go to Setup > Manage Programs. Click Create a Program
  • Select "Earning Points" for how readers participate. 
  • Enter program information (name, image, description, ages, dates.) Select Next.
  • Scroll down. Select Create a new points badge. Select badge image & enter number of points patrons must accumulate to earn this badge. 
  • Click Save and Add. Continue to add as many points badges as needed. 
  • Save program as "Draft" & exit. 

Activity Track Set Up

  • Return to Admin home. Then, click Content > Learning Tracks
  • Hide any tracks that are currently displaying on your site that you do *not* want readers to access. To do so, click inside the box next to the track to remove the green check mark. 
  • Select Create a Learning Track. Enter title & brief description. 
  • Until you're ready to publish your program, set the track badge to be inactive OR make it accessible to Staff Only. Once you're ready, return here to activate it. 
  • Select that this learning track will include "Activities that can be completed more than once."
  • Choose a badge image. NOTE: readers will only be able to earn the points badges you set up earlier, not this one. This image will always be lit up in the track.
  • Select age and grade levels. Click Create.
  • Click on "Created by Us" tab to locate your track. Add activities by clicking the activity list icon on the right side. Select Add an Activity.
  • Add activity description, type, and assign a point value. Click Add and continue  to add as many repeating activities as needed. 

Publish Program & Display Track

  • Under the "Created by us" tab, click inside the box on the right to make the track available for patrons (activate the badge if needed too.)
  • Return to Setup > Manage Programs and save your program as "Published." 

All set!  

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